Welcome to Art With Ms Becky!


I want to pour my He-ART into your child! 


As a teacher of 18 years, I realize that before I teach any subject, I first teach who I am. Therefore I must be aware of how I think of myself and how I represent myself. I do not wish to be viewed as an art expert, or a person who definitively knows if an artwork is "good" or "significant". Instead, I am a skilled and enthusiastic facilitator to your students' critical thinking and creating process. My art lessons are not not just about the end product. Through the use of literature, music, short videos, engaging presentations and more, your student is given the opportunity to not only create an engaging piece of art, they actively participate with each theme through whole learning! In other words, they not only "make" art, they get to "experience" art!  

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What My Studio Offers You:


Small Class Size

I want to spend as much individual time as possible with your little artist! To promote this, class size is kept to a maximum of 6 students per session.   

Convenient Class Times

     My classes and class times are designed with you in mind! 

New classes are being added all the time. 

  Classes For A Variety Of Ages

Classes are designed for students ages 6 and up!  

An Affordable Fee Schedule 

My "Tax Free" fee schedule was designed for the family on a budget. Along with very affordable fees I also offer consistent discounts and occasional coupons

that make Art lessons even MORE economical. 

NOTE: Please see my "FAQ" section for details about discounts

and my cancellation policy.   

A NEW Theme EVERY Month!!

Each month the students will explore a new theme with three different projects to choose from. (1 offered each week) 

Examples of themes I will offer are shown below.


Excellent Quality Art Supplies

Because I keep my class size small, I choose the very best quality 

art supplies to use in my classroom.

Great Art supplies support great art work! 

Ms.Becky's "Art Cam"!

For your peace of mind (and entertainment), I have installed an "Art-Cam" that allows you the freedom to run errands and still watch your student during their whole lesson! You can even talk to them via intercom if you choose!  



For More F.A.Q.'s (frequently asked questions),

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