Frequently asked questions

What should my student wear to class?

Although I provide aprons for each student, I highly recommend that students arrive in "care free" clothing that you don't mind getting ruined with paint or other art medium.

Do you offer Gluten Free or alternative snacks to the ones posted on the site?

Although I will always try to provide Gluten Free snacks, that is not always possible. You are always welcome to bring your own snack if the one I provide is not suitable for your child; however, the price of the class will remain the same.

Do you offer any discounts?

I occasionally offer COUPONS to the general public and SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for my Facebook Group members. To obtain these special simply click on the Facebook Icon on the "home" page and become a member of my group!

Do you offer Birthday Party packages?

Yes. Small parties (5 children or less) can take place at my studio; larger parites (6 people or more) can take place at your home.

What happens if I have to cancel?

I understand that there are variety of reasons why your student may have to cancel on a class. If that need arises simply sign in to your account you created when you signed up for your first class and look under "My orders"; you can then "cancel" the class and a refund will automaticlly be given, although it may take a little time for it to show up on credit card ot checking account.

Do I have to stay on the premises while my child takes a lesson?

No. For your peace of mind I have an "Art Cam" installed where you view your child during their lesson. You can also zoom in on their work or even take a photo of them working.