How To Sign up:

Due to Covid, ALL my lessons are PRIVATE.

I will make an exception to this policy in the case of siblings.

My yearly schedule in now divided into 3 semesters and a one week long, Summer Art Camp. Each semester is a four month commitment.

Each month we will study a new artist and create 3 to 4 projects inspired by that artists work or style. (Exception: occasionally a month may only have 2 projects depending on holidays in that month)

Each lesson is 2 hours long and includes all the supplies needed for that lessons project, PLUS books, videos, presentations AND a SNACK!

Days and Times:
When your artist signs up for a semester their lesson will take place the same day and time each week. I provide each student with a laminated personalized schedule as an easy reminder. 

Always endeavoring to keep my studio fresh, fun, interesting, AND educational, I take off one week a month, to prepare for the next month and redecorate the art room!

PRICE: Cost is based upon how many lessons there are in a month. If there are THREE lessons in a month then the price will be $90 for that month.

If there are FOUR lessons in that month, the price will be $120.00.

(This equals out to be $30 per lesson)
SIBLING DISCOUNT: If you have two or more children that come to me on the same day and time, I will offer a 20% discount.
PAYMENT: I used to offer online payment, but for the time being, payment will be in person, due at time of the first lesson that month.

Check or cash only please.

2021 January - April Semester Course Topics:

January: Georgia O'Keeffe (2 weeks)
February: Pablo Picasso (3 weeks)
March: Claude Monet (3 weeks)
April: Grandma Moses (3 weeks - Folk Art)




"Viva La Mexico!"
Details coming soon!


I have a limited amount of time slots but I try to be very flexible to accommodate the variety of schooling schedules.
How to sign up: Please email me @ I will reply to you with my personal cell phone number where we can talk and work out the details.


Free Zoom Classes:
What about ZOOM classes? I will be resuming some FREE Zoom classes in January once all the slots for my paid classes are filled.

The topics will be different from those of my studio lessons.


Faith Based Fridays

What about Faith Based Friday classes? I will be doing more of those as well....stayed tuned for details.